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SEPT prides itself in providing world class power transmission belts from the Global leaders, Bando and Pix. We supply to industrial and automotive OEM’s, as well as to an extensive network of industrial and automotive after market distributors.

BANDO belts for a variety of applications.


  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Household Appliances

  • Office Equipment

  • Light Conveyance

  • Automatic door controllers

  • Injection moulding machinery

  • Heavy duty industrial machinery


The BANDO range includes Synchronous Belts, V Belts, Banded Belts, V Ribbed Belts, Round Belts, Flat Belts, and Automotive Power Transmission Belts.


The range is comprised of 32 types, produced in either, Rubber or Polyurethane, or a combination of both.


We are also able to assist with your needs for both pulleys and gears and for other types of belts.

South East Power Transmissions is your UK partner for your transmission needs.

Bancollan belt - SEPT
Banflex Scrum Banded V belts

made from highly durable polyurethane, were developed especially for very small drives

V Belt / Agricultural

Main benefits include high resistance to oil, fats and chemicals, plus no  rubber dust.

Super Torque synchronous belts

V-Belts require much less space – at the same load – as conventional drive belts

Synchronous belts Single / Double

No slip between V-belts Horizontal drives & good shock load absorption. Heat resistant.

Synchronous belts Single / Double (T. section)

Suited for drives with backside idlers to make full use of agri-cultural machinery capabilities

Ribbed /

30-50% higher HP
rating than multiple V belts.
Space saving with low vibration

Click here for detailed information direct from the manufacturers: PixBando

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